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Which LED Light should I use?

The most efficient format of lighting available today is undoubtedly LED lighting but choosing the correct LED lighting product or products for your application is as important as choosing the correct supplier. At LEDHERO.LTD all our LED luminaires are Lighting Industry Association tested and accredited, and SIG assured, in fact LEDHERO.LTD are the only UK wholesaler to be able to boast this incredible accolade and seal of approval. Managing Director and co-founder of LEDHERO.LTD, Nick Lacey talks us through the key things to consider when choosing LED lighting products.


When buying LED products, you first need to consider where they will be installed. For example, a warm light LED lamp would be more suited for use at home, while a bright cool white panel is more suitable for commercial environments. At LEDHERO.LTD, we are wholesalers of LED panels, GU10 bulbs, downlights, high bays, tubes and tape. Use the following links to discover how these can be used effectively in the following environments:

Residential lighting

Office lighting

Industrial lighting

Commercial lighting

Hospitality lighting

Storage lighting

Size and position

The state-of-the-art technology within LEDHERO.LTD products enables us to create some of the most compact assemblies on the market; for example our LED panels are just 10mm thick and can squeezed into the tightest of spaces. LEDHERO.LTD panels can be recessed into tiled ceilings or mounted flush to solid ceilings and walls. Sizes include 300mm x 300mm, 600mm x 600mm 1200mm x 300mm and 1200mm x 600mm.


LED bulbs are available in different degrees of brightness. Previously, the brightness of halogen bulbs was identified by their wattage – the higher the wattage, the brighter the glow. However, as wattage is actually a measure of power, this is not a useful measure for energy-efficient LED lights, which use a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs but produce at least the same amount of light. The light output of LED lights is instead measured in lumens – the greater the number of lumens, the brighter the light. For example a 40Watt standard bulb would typically produce a light output of 400lumens, the same as an LED lamp which uses just 6Watts of power.

Colour temperature (Kelvins)

Old-fashioned bulbs generally provide a single colour of light whereas modern LED bulbs are able to produce varying degrees of colour, often refereed to as a light’s ‘colour temperature’, which is measured in Kelvins. At LEDHERO.LTD, we understand that simplicity is something to be embraced and switching to LED bulbs needn’t be confusing, which is why we offer all our products in two colours; warm white (3000K), which provides a cosy warm glow and is ideal for homes, hotel rooms, bars and restaurants and cool white (6000K), which is ideally suited to commercial, industrial and retail environments.

Colour Rendering Index rating

The colour rendering index rating of a bulb is an identification of how able the light source is at representing different colours and providing a faithful reflection of the object it is shining on. For example, daylight illuminates objects in their truest reflection and therefore has a colour rendering index (CRI) rating of 100%. LEDHERO.LTD lighting products have a high CRI rating of 75% and provide an accurate and true illumination.

Heat dissipation

It is a misconception that LED chips or bulbs do not produce any heat. All light sources produce some heat, however LED lights do not get anywhere near as hot as traditional incandescent bulbs. It is easy to tell the quality of an LED chip set by monitoring how hot it gets – a good quality LED light system will dissipate the heat produced away from the susceptible components quickly and efficiently. Excessive heat and poor heat dissipation can lead to LED chip burnout and a high failure rate -LEDHERO.LTD products use only the best chips, which generate less heat and convert more energy to light allowing LEDHERO.LTD to proudly boast the lowest failure rate (0.002%) on the market.

All of the team at LEDHERO.LTDare qualified and trained in the latest LED technology. If you have any questions about LED lighting systems in general or a requirement for an LED solution please contact our team today to discuss how we can help you.