Which LED Light Should I Use?

The most efficient format of lighting available today is undoubtedly LED lighting but choosing the correct LED lighting product or products for your application is as important as choosing the correct supplier. 

At LED Hero all our LED lights and fixtures are LIA tested and accredited, and SIG assured, in fact LED Hero are the only UK wholesaler to be able to boast this incredible accolade and seal of approval.

Managing Director and founder of LED Hero, Nick Lacey talks us through the key things to consider when choosing LED lighting products:


When buying LED products, you first need to consider where they will be installed. For example, a warm light LED lamp would be more suited for use at home, while a bright cool white panel is more suitable for commercial environments. At LED Hero, we are wholesalers of LED panels, GU10 bulbs, downlights, high bays, tubes and tape. Use the following links to discover how these can be used effectively in the following environments: