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Stock Clearance Update



Grab some of the best LED Lighting on the European market at reduced prices! Below, you will find a complete list of all items reduced to clear! For up-to-date stock levels and best possible knock-down prices, call our sales team on 01777 703 215 or e-mail them directly at


LED Panels

We have a number of high quality LED Panels reduced to clear. Take advantage of LedHero’s flagship products at reduced prices, and the many performance and economic benefits that come with them. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase exceptional interior lighting solutions at clearance prices!

Recessed ‘Slimline’ Panel
(HERODW-204C)Recessed 'Slimline' Panel (HERODW-204C)
Recessed ‘Slimline’ Panel
(HERODW-204CCT)Recessed 'Slimline' Panel (HERODW-204CCT)
Recessed ‘Slimline’ Panel
(HERODW-205CWF)Recessed 'Slimline' Panel (HERODW-205CWF)
Recessed ‘Slimline’ Panel
(HERODW-204DWF)Recessed 'Slimline' Panel (HERODW-204DWF)



LED Bulbs


Quality and quantity are both well catered for with our extensive range of LED Bulbs and Lamps, reduced to clear. Here, you’ll find everything you need for contemporary, cost effective down-lighting and high-end eco-friendly interior decor.

GU10 LED Bulbs


4W GU10 21 Chip SMD 3.7W GU10 24 Chip SMD3.7W GU10 24 Chip SMD 4.7W GU10 60 Chip SMD4.7W GU10 60 Chip SMD
4.5W GU10 60 Chip SMD4.5W GU10 60 Chip SMD 3.7W GU10 Direct Beam3.7W GU10 Direct Beam 3W GU10 COB Wide Beam3W GU10 COB Wide Beam
4W GU10 COB Wide Beam4W GU10 COB Wide Beam 4W GU10 Directional Beam4W GU10 Directional Beam 5W GU10 COB Wide Beam5W GU10 COB Wide Beam
7.6W GU10 COB Wide Beam7.6W GU10 COB Wide Beam


4W Rainbow GU10 LED Bulbs


4W Rainbow GU10 (Black) 4W Rainbow GU10 (Gold)4W Rainbow GU10 (Gold) 4W Rainbow GU10 (Purple)4W Rainbow GU10 (Purple)
4W Rainbow GU10 (Red)4W Rainbow GU10 (Red)


MR16 LED Bulbs


4W MR16 Directional (Sliver)


B22 LED Bulbs


3.5W B22 Candle Dimmable3.5W B22 Candle Dimmable 4W B22 Classic Golf Ball Bulb4W B22 Classic Golf Ball Bulb


E14 LED Bulbs


3.5W E14 Candle Bulb (115)3.5W E14 Candle Bulb (115) 3.5W E14 Candle Bulb (119) 3.5W E14 Candle Dimmable3.5W E14 Candle Bulb (119)
4W E14 Golf Ball Bulb4W E14 Golf Ball Bulb


E27 LED Bulbs


3W E27 Frosted Bulb3W E27 Frosted Bulb



LED Downlights


Our range of maintenance-free LED Downlights are perfect for lighting home or office environments, and come with their own drivers included. After initial payment, these modern and stylish bulbs will pay for themselves within 6 months, reducing electricity bills whilst looking great!

Get them now while stocks last..!

Directional LED Downlights


3W Directional LED Downlight3W Directional LED Downlight 4W Directional LED Downlight4W Directional LED Downlight 21W Directional LED Downlight21W Directional LED Downlight


Aluminium COB LED Downlights


3W COB Downlight3W COB Downlight 5W COB Downlight5W COB Downlight 10W COB Downlight10W COB Downlight



LED Flood Lamps


Our high-performance LED Flood Lamps make excellent cost effective and environmental friendly replacements for Halogen and Metal Halide Floods, and produce much better lighting conditions for a fraction of the cost. Take advantage of low prices while you can..!

30W IP65 Ultra-Slim LED
Flood Lamp30W IP65 Ultra-Slim LED Flood Lamp
50W LED Flood Lamp
w/ Sensor50W LED Flood Lamp w/ Sensor



High Bay Lamps


Our high quality LED High Bay Lamps bring the performance and economical benefits of LED technology to large-scale, working expanses. Replacing traditional lighting with LED technology is an excellent move for industrial operators, both financially and commercially. As well as dramatically reducing electricity bills, LED lighting provides excellent lighting conditions, which are much kinder on the eyes, more aesthetically pleasing and far less prone to inducing migraines and fatigue. The benefits of LED technology are particularly noticeable in use on premises that operate around the clock.

60w LED High Bay Lamp60w LED High Bay Lamp 80w LED High Bay Lamp80w LED High Bay Lamp



T8 Tubes & Casing


It pays to have cost effective and economical lighting for commercial properties and large indoor areas. Our LED Tubes & Casing products provide higher quality lighting conditions than traditional Halogen fixtures, delivering flawless, clean lighting at a mere fraction of the running costs.

T8 Tube & CasingT8 Tube & Casing