At LED Hero we are really excited about the new and innovative lighting technology being developed that we are helping bring to the forefront of the wholesale LED market…

We have always strived to produce great quality LED lighting products at fantastic value to our wholesale customers, however sustainability and reducing the environmental impact on our planet is as important now as it’s ever been.

With this in mind we have created the LedHero Carbon Credit Scheme, and have started phasing all our products to use more and more renewable parts and accessories, so that the lifespan of our products can be extended and the demand on the Earth’s resources is decreased.

Creating a sustainable future for everyone is now at the core of everything LED Hero does, our latest range of LED panel lamps can be fully recycled and rebuilt once they have reached the end of their useful life, instead of being thrown into a land-fill these panels are up-cycled at one of our UK facilities and sent back out at a near carbon-zero cost… fuelling the circular economy we would like to see in the world, instead of the outdated business model of creating disposable goods to be thrown away!

Sustainability is part of our ethos…

Our LED products have revolutionised the UK market, helping make premises greener by consuming far less power for the same light output. We still work to this day to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of our lamps and luminaires, so that the end-user gets more bang for their buck!

We are getting closer to carbon neutrality every day and creating a truly circular economy within the lighting industry, with our policy of preferring re-usable products and renewable resources. At LED Hero we have already succeeded in helping move the UK from fluorescent and incandescent bulbs onto greener LED fittings, and now the next logical step is to help move the lighting industry towards a more sustainable future.

But we still don’t compromise on quality…

Not only are our products helping to make the UK a greener place, they’re also built to rigorous quality standards and come with quality assurances for your peace of mind. Our LED panel lamps  have photometric IES files so they can be “tested” in a virtual environment before real-world deployment, guaranteed never to go yellow (like so many cheap panels we see in the market) and now come fire-rated as standard.

We are a ISO 9001:2015 registered company and are continuously improving our own internal quality policy as we strive to provide the best products and long-term value to our customers.

Our LIA membership ensures that we meet the BSI standards of the UK lighting industry, LIA laboratories test & verify our products and we also put all our products through our own internal quality testing before they hit the market.

You can also rest easy knowing our products comply with the SIG Assured program, ensuring that our stock products are fully traceable, free from poisons and psychoactive substances, not produced using conflict minerals or using any form of modern slavery or exploitative working conditions and meet industry regulations such as CE and RoHS.

Stay tuned as we share more news in the development of recyclable, up-cycled LED lighting solutions. We want to make the world a brighter place!