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Job Summary

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LedHERO is offering an exciting opportunity to work for a dynamic, forward thinking company within the LED lighting industry.

The successful candidate must have a strong reliable background in dealing with senior directors within the electrical wholesale sector, having knowledge about LED products is preferable but not essential.

The successful candidate must have proven experience within the electrical wholesale sector.

Be able to pinpoint ways to penetrate new markets within the electrical wholesale market. Have the skills to handle large accounts & liaise with internal sales teams .


A sales Agent who can work with others in a friendly, cooperative manner.  inspire others to collaborate.


A strong sales agent is dependable, thorough, and precise in everything they undertake.

Planning and Organising

A strong sales agent writes objectives and plans in detail how they will be attained. They’re also able to anticipate problems and outline how they will be overcome.


An effective sales agent must be able to consider future opportunities and foresee potential problems.

Technical Knowledge

A sales agent should have an exceptional understanding of their area. They should continuously strive to improve their knowledge and keep up-to-date with changes and developments within the industry.

Responsibilities and Duties

To look after national accounts , bring new accounts to the table.

Provide weekly report of field sales success and communicate consistently with directors and managers.

Must have excellent negotiation skills and strong decision making abilities.