Residential LED Lighting

At LED Hero we supply an LED product to meet every design; bulbs, floods, spots, downlights and LED panels all provide a different feel. LED Hero are the first UK wholesaler to boast Light Industry Association (LIA) tested and accreditation, and SIG assured products.

Below, we’ll look at how LED lighting can be used throughout the home.
When updating the décor in our homes, we agonise over placement of furniture and the subtle difference between myriad shades of paint, but typically we don’t give the same attention to detail when selecting lighting, but we should. The correct lighting can highlight a room’s unique features, make a room feel more spacious and create a special atmosphere.
As a builder, designer of homes or wholesaler you could be offering perspective homeowners and businesses the latest modern LED lighting solutions – they’re more efficient, require less maintenance and accentuate a business or home’s features.

Kitchen Lighting

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens; not just used for cooking but socialising and eating too, the kitchen is often the hub of the family house. LED lighting can be used to create the perfect mood but also improve the functionality of the kitchen.
Replacing halogen bulbs in the kitchen with a choice of cool white (6000K) or warm light (3000K) LED bulbs can provide a more uniformed light and when combined with our dimmable drivers they give you the flexibility to create a bright environment for cooking and an entirely different subtle mood for socialising. GU10 bulbs can be fitted into individual spotlight fixings or grouped together in circular or horizontal fixings to provide multi-directional light.

Bathroom Lighting

The instant, bright white light provided by our LIA approved LED bulbs is ideal for modern bathrooms, and they’re safer too for use in both zone 1 and zone 2.
LED GU10 bulbs, downlights and round panels can all be worked into bathroom fixtures and fittings. If you are a supplier of bathroom lighting contact us today for information on our wholesale LED solutions and competitive prices.

Bedroom Lighting

The difference the right lighting or a stylish lamp can make to a living space or bedroom is astonishing and LED bulbs are the perfect choice for modern, contemporary lighting.

If you are a supplier of traditional and contemporary light fixtures and fittings then your customers will certainly benefit from choosing LED GU10 bulbs. The GU10 bulb is a direct replacement for 50-Watt halogen bulbs and uses just a fraction of the energy. Using just 6 Watts they offer a more uniformed light and provide their full illumination instantly. Our wholesale GU10 bulbs are available in cool-white or warm-white and are dimmable when used with a compatible trailing edge dimmer controller.

Exterior Lighting

With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and instant uniformed illumination LED bulbs are the only solution you should consider for protecting your homes during and after construction. What’s more, all LED Hero products are IP65 rated.

Super-bright, waterproof LED floodlights are perfect for illuminating the outdoor space around residential buildings. By replacing sodium outdoor lights with low-power consumption LED floodlights you can reduce your operating and maintenance costs as each unit has an impressive operating life of 50,000 hours.

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