Industrial LED Lighting

Large industrial spaces such as warehouses, distribution and fulfilment centres require a substantial amount of lighting, and therefore the potential benefits of switching to LED lighting are spectacular, particularly for premises that operate 24-hours-a-day.

If your business is still using fluorescent and halogen lighting you could reduce your expenditure by as much as 70% by switching to LED lighting, with a return on investment achieved within just two years. With each bulb having an operational life of 50,000 hours, maintenance is drastically reduced and with an unrivalled failure rate of just 0.002% choosing LED Hero as your lighting provider removes any potential risk associated with switching to LED lighting.
LED lights use 70% less energy than their equivalent halogen bulbs, in addition they provide a more uniformed distribution of bright light with less shadows, improving health and safety and creating brighter more pleasant working conditions.

High Bay LED Lighting

Designed specifically for industrial buildings with the power to illuminate large areas from high ceilings our LED High Bay Warehouse Lights are the only products on the market that are both Lighting Industry Association (LIA) approved and SIG assured. In addition LED Hero products carry TUV (Germany) and SA (Australia) certification meaning that wherever your business operates, you can rest assured that you won’t find better quality wholesale LED lighting solutions anywhere else.
Our LED High Bay Warehouse Lights are available in 100, 150 and 200 Watt versions and are supplied with all essential fixtures, fittings, drivers and emergency battery back-up systems.

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LED Panels

LED Hero’s panels offer unbeatable reliability for industrial applications and are typically used for illuminating workspaces, lighting production lines and building into machinery. Our range of LIA approved square and rectangular panels are just 10mmm thick and our brand new circular LED panels are just 6.5 mm thick and available in a variety of sizes. OUR integrated new technology surface mounted panels are the thinnest surface mounted panels available in the UK.

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Tri-Proof LED Battens

LED Hero’s Tri-Proof Batten Lamps are perfect for a range of commercial applications. They are dust proof, water tight and corrosion resistant, great for high traffic hallways and corridors as these lights can take a hell of a beating and still function 100%. Available in a range of wattages and sizes, our Tri-proof battens can also be daisy-chained together so that you can benefit from the advantage of having multiple luminaires operating in an area that may be restrictive on power outlets.

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