Hospitality LED Lighting

A welcoming ambience and a great first impression are of precious importance in the hospitality trade. Hotels, bars, restaurants, casinos and other entertainment venues all seek to create a memorable, comfortable and engaging environment for their patrons, which will encourage them to return again and again.

The correct lighting plays a huge role in creating the right atmosphere, which is why so many hospitality business owners are revolutionizing their premises with LED lighting. LED lighting systems create far less heavy shadows and dark spots compared to conventional lighting while their bright-white output creates a clean, dynamic feel in any room. LED lighting is significantly more energy-efficient than halogen or fluorescent lighting, using as much as 70% less energy than other options. Therefore, if you run a hospitality business such as hotel with lots of rooms, bar or restaurant then you can reduce your lighting bills significantly by switching to LED lighting.

LED Panels

At just 10mm thick, LED Hero LED panels are incredibly versatile. Manufactured using the best LED chips and with 100% precision, LED panels compliment any style. LED panels require no maintenance and are shock-resistant making them so much more robust than glass bulbs, and a superb choice for hospitality environments such as hotel rooms, bars and restaurants. LED Hero’s panels are the most reliable on the market with a failure rate of just 0.002%, which is why ourpanels are both LIA approved and SIG assured.

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LED Tape

Our LED tape combines our state-of-the-art LED chip technology with the convenience of 3M-backed self-adhesive tape allowing it to be installed in tight spaces, in seconds. LED tape is available in warm white, cool white or coloured options on 5 metre rolls. All LEDHERO.LTD LED tapes are IP65 rated and can be supplied complete with plug fittings.

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