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Commercial LED Lighting

No one understands the importance of the correct lighting in a commercial environment better than the experts at LEDHERO.LTD. Having left no stone unturned in the search of perfection our LED products are the only ones on the market to be both LIA tested and accredited, and SIG assured . They can help groceries maintain their freshly picked look, create a cat-walk feel in store and bring a showroom to life.

Replacing halogen and fluorescent lighting, which undermine the appearance of products and create an unwelcoming environment for customers with bright LED lights will save you and your business money. Not only does each LED light use a fraction of the energy of their halogen counterparts, there is practically no heat wastage and they require no maintenance. This is just some of the reasons why the UK Government is phasing out halogen bulbs.

The following LEDHERO.LTD products are typically used in shopping centres, offices, hospitals, restaurants, gymnasiums, showrooms, venues and schools across the globe.

LED Panels

LEDHERO.LTD LED panels are equally adept at flooding task areas with bright, crisp light and creating unique ambient atmospheres when combined with state-of-the-art remote dimmable controls. Each panel guarantees a colour rendering index rating of 75 out of 100, providing faithful colour reproduction every time. As LEDHERO.LTD panels are just 18mm thick they blend in with other fixtures, fittings and existing décor.

LED GU10 Bulbs and downlights

GU10 replacement bulbs and spring-fitted downlights are used for focusing bursts of light to illuminate products or key promotional areas. Our 6000K bright white LED bulbs can draw attention to where it is most wanted while creating a stylish, modern feel, ideal for commercial environments.

LED Signs

LED signs are a direct replacement for expensive neon signage. LED signage is more energy efficient, brighter and more environmentally friendly. Plus, because they don’t have to be made of glass tubes, they are more robust too. At LEDHERO.LTD, we supply a range of wholesale LED signs in popular designs.